Marat Baiazov: Guilty/Dangerous


For those witnessing the trial in the Kempir-Abad case and those involved in it, it is already obvious that there is no such Criminal Code / Code of Criminal Procedure, according to which one can be convicted and imprisoned. The history of political persecution shows that the authorities imprison and blame “fires and explosions” not on those who are guilty, but on those who seem dangerous to the authorities. There is a danger for the authorities, but it is not a few dozen of the democrats who have already been imprisoned or are just getting ready to be imprisoned. There are other potentially dangerous groups to power others.

The first, internal — collective bureaucracy, the majority managed to sit out 2 — 3 presidents.

Representatives of the bureaucratic class, for the most part, are traitors and can make a career and fortune only by successfully handing over their bosses.

The second group, which is dangerous for the authorities, is more than half of Kyrgyzstan, who previously did not live well, but now they are completely sliding into poverty.

Now it is convenient for bureaucrats to blame all problems, “fires and explosions” on the democratic opposition, but what will happen when problems come from unemployment, education, health care, pensions, security?

Marat Baiazov

Pre – trial detention center

Эркин Саданбеков


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