Бизнесмены из Египта намерены посетить Кыргызстан



To: Hassan Ahmed Bakr — FARINA company, Egypt

To: Mohamed Ahmed Bakr — company ECO, Egypt



Dear Hassan Ahmed Bakr and Mohamed Ahmed Bakr!

Company «Customs & Corporate Lawyers (Bishkek)» received your letter of intent to visit the Kyrgyz Republic with a view to the opening of the company and the implementation of economic activities in the territory of our country.

We are ready to provide you with visa support and provide legal services for the registration of your company at the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic.


Yours faithfully,

Director of LLC «Customs & Corporate Lawyers (Bishkek)»

Sadanbekov Erkin Imangazievich


Эркин Саданбеков


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