Alfa Telecom CJSC representative demands to vindicate 30M soms from Raushan Rykunova

06/03-2012 09:24, Bishkek – news agency , by Makhinur NIYAZOVA

Alfa Telecom CJSC representative demands to vindicate more than 30M soms from Raushan Rykunova and other persons accused in the CJSC illegal asset stripping. The Alfa Telecom lawyer Timur Alkozhoev made the official demand as a victim representative.

According him, civic suit in 30.340M soms wasn’t initiated by the CJSC during the investigation.

Timur Alkozhoev could answer on question: why the sum is 30M soms? He only said that the counting was made by “group of advocates”.

“We noted earlier that during the investigation a forensic audit wasn’t done. And a court will identify the exact sum of money,” noted the defendants advocate Erkin Sadanbekov.

Chief judge Zhanyl Mambetaly accepted the demand. “Evaluation, reasons and proofs will be identified during the trial,” she explained.

Recall, today the Sverdlov district has reopened the trial on case of Raushan Rykunova (Rosa Kachieva), her husband Vladislav Rykunov and her syster Ainura Sim. They are accused in the company’s illegal asset stripping under directorate of Andrew Silich.

All of them are accused in fraud, document forgery, pseudo-entrepreneurship and authorities abuse of private and other organizations.

Эркин Саданбеков


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