Tursunbek Akun: Parliament’s decision about my resignation is illegal

Турсунбек Акун

Турсунбек Акун

05/07-2013 11:53, Bishkek – 24.kg news agency , by Darya PODOLSKAYA

“I am the only acting Ombudsman and the Parliament’s decision about my resignation is illegal,” ex-ombudsman Tursunbek Akun stated. Deputies voted for his resignation on June 27. He distributed his letter through his lawyer Erkin Sadanbekov.

The former ombudsman is going to challenge the decision of Parliament in court. According to Erkin Sadanbekov, despite the faint of Tursunbek Akun and requests of a number of deputies to postpone consideration of the issue to fall, interested members of the Special Commission and the Speaker Asylbek Zheenbekov decided to complete consideration of the issue. As a result, 57 deputies voted for resignation of the Ombudsman.

In this connection Tursunbek Akun believes that the decision of the Parliament is illegal and is contrary to the principles of humanism and humanity. «All this does no credit to 57 deputies. It should be noted that on June 26 I filed a lawsuit against the decision of the Special Commission. At the same time, the Ombudsman’s Office prepared objections to its arguments, which are posted on the websites of several news agencies,» the letter of ex-ombudsman says.


Эркин Саданбеков


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