Turkish businessman has been keeping in Bishkek jail over a year groundlessly, the lawyer says

Bishkek, February 18 / Kabar /.

Turkish businessman has been keeping in Bishkek jail over a year groundlessly. The detainee’s lawyer Erkin Sadanbekov told during a press conference at the Kabar Agency.

According to him, in January 2010 a contract was signed between the Turkish company producing fresh fruits and vegetables «Gokler Narenciye» in the person of Demek Huck and Kyrgyz LLC «Mimarat Trade» in the face of Turkish citizen Gadir Baytar for the supply of citrus to Kyrgyzstan.
The seller delivered 5 tons 503 kg of lemons and 14 tons 574 kg of oranges to Kyrgyzstan. The cargo was customs cleared, there is a customs declaration, the lawyer says.

However, Nusreddin Cetin accused Gadir Baytar of causing damage on a large scale and in March of the same year addressed the police in Bishkek. Then a criminal case was initiated illegally in April regarding G. Baytar for fraud.

The lawyer also said that, the prosecutor of the Turkish Mersin city Ali Urunca considered the investigative file and delivered a judgment in December 2010 «On the irrelevance of the prosecution,» which indicates the absence of signs of criminal offense in G. Baytar’s actions.

«My client has been keeping in jail illegally for over a year. The Turkish prosecutors made a clear judgment on this case, but why he has not been released yet. If this case goes to an international court, Kyrgyzstan will not look from its best side, as the petitioner has no claims no longer. In addition, the supply contract was signed in Turkey and Turkish side must resolve all questions of foreign economic activity in the territory and under the laws of Turkey, » said E. Sadanbekov.

Chief adviser on trade of the Turkish Embassy in Kyrgyzstan Behzat Erten said that judicial bodies of Kyrgyzstan must resolve this issue soon. «We believe in fairness of the Kyrgyz justice and hope that in the near future, this issue will be resolved,» B. Erten said.


Эркин Саданбеков


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