Suspects for murder of Uran Aliev address to the leadership of the country complaining about actions of investigative authorities in Kyrgyzstan

10/11-2011 12:58, Bishkek – news agency , by Makhinur NIYAZOVA

In Kyrgyzstan, suspects for murder of Uran Aliev address to the leadership of the country complaining about actions of investigative authorities. This was told by the lawyer acting for the suspect for murder of Col. of police Erkin Sadanbekov at the press conference in news agency.

According to him, the criminal investigation of much publicized crime is verging to close but innocent people are accused. “In 2008, the Ministry of Interior reported about solving this crime. The then Deputy Minister Dmitry Fedorov informed that two citizens of Tajikistan were put on wanted list on suspicion of the murder. But three years later, two Kyrgyzstani were arrested – Azizbek Kachibekov and Bakyt Sydykov. Citizens of the neighboring state are not at issue,” said Erkin Sadanbekov.

He noted that his defendant Azizbek Kachibekov, accused of being assassin’s paymaster, was forced to sign confessionary statements as he and his relatives were threatened. “The second accused Bakyt Sydykov was delivered to Bishkek. The investigators taught him how to show where he bought a gun to kill Aliev. When lawyers asked for permission to meet with defendant the investigator said he wouldn’t give such chance. Only after excitement the investigator allowed a five minute meeting where the defendant confessed that he tarred his friend’s character,” added Erkin Sadanbekov.

In early October, the Ministry of Interior stated that they solved the murder of the Col. of police, the chief of the Department for Combating Organized Crime under Osh Interior Department Uran Aliev. It was reported that suspects for the murder – assassin’s paymaster Azizbek Kachibekov and doer Bakyt Sydykov – were detained. “Total number of suspects for the crime is 6 people; two of them are put in Russian prisons for drug pushing, others are wanted. Earlier, Sydykov was held criminal liable for robbery while Kachibekov is graduate of the Police Academy,” said the chief of the Main Department for Fight against Organized Crime and Corruption Kalybek Satybaldiev.

Эркин Саданбеков


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