Chinese accuses Kyrgyzstan law enforcement representative of trimming

15/09-2008 09:17, Bishkek – news agency , By Jyldyzbek IBRALIEV

A Chinese citizen, Hayrulla Samat filed an accusation against Abduvali Akjolov, head of the 9th Department of the Kyrgyz Ministry of Internal Affairs for being trimmed by, Erkin Sadanbekov, Chinese citizen’s lawyer told to the news agency «».

 The Chinese sent his accuse to the Minister of Internal Affairs Moldomusa Kongantiev. «Half a year ago two employees of the 9th department of Kyrgyzstan’s Interior Ministry came to me and took away my passport, supposedly because of the false stamp. The next day they were asking $250 for my passport back. I did not give them money out of principle, and requested a new passport from Chinese Embassy in Kyrgyzstan. Then I left Kyrgyzstan,» the message read.

 The Chinese citizen’s passport was found during search in Abduvali Akjolov’s office. It was made in the framework of criminal case investigation on falsification of Bishkek court decision on Chinese citizen expulsion by Kyrgyz Ministry of Internal Affairs and State Committee on National Defense staff. Based on this document, on June 27, 2008 Rahmatullo Tohti, Chinese citizen was deported out of Kyrgyzstan.

 Besides this, documents of two Pakistani and six Chinese citizens were found in the Abduvali Akjolov’s safe.




Эркин Саданбеков


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